Meet the Team: Kevin Harvey, Northeast Construction Equipment Sales Manager

Vacuworx recently announced that Kevin Harvey has been hired as Northeast Construction Equipment Sales Manager, handling key accounts and promoting new business opportunities in 11 states.

Harvey, with an emphasis on construction-related equipment, joins Vacuworx as an entrepreneurial sales management and marketing strategist with a 22-year record of achievement in the industry. He is responsible for developing a strong dealer network and promoting new business opportunities in New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Maine, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

“I really look forward to 2019, making things happen in the Northeast,” Harvey says. “My focus is on securing customer loyalty and building sustainable relationships, selling on the value Vacuworx is building in the construction industry. There is a wide open market for outreach and education. Everyone I talk to out there, from the boots on the ground to the decision makers, loves the safety aspect of our lifters.” 

Harvey, who originally hails from Brockport, New York, and grew up in Greater Buffalo, earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the State University of New York in Fredonia and a master’s degree from the University of Buffalo.

He is avid outdoorsman who enjoys golf, softball and spending time with his two teenage children.