New AMC Series Vacuum Lifting Systems Provide Mid-Range Material Handling Solutions

With a lighter weight, smaller size and brand new attachment options, the AMC Series Lifting Systems can truly go where no other vacuum lifters have gone before. The AMC 6 and AMC 4 models operate in conjunction with compact to mid-sized excavators, as well as with truck mounted articulating cranes, using the hydraulic power from the host machine without a significant reduction in the equipment’s overall lifting capacity. With everything you need to handle materials safely and efficiently—and nothing you don’t—they are lean, mean lifting machines.

Small But Mighty

Suited for steel, poly or concrete pipe, as well as trench plate and concrete slabs, the AMC Series was designed to offer versatility and functionality to contractors and rental companies who often work in congested street applications or other tight areas. In these situations, the host equipment must be able to maneuver in relatively small or busy spaces, which means the attachment must be as small as possible without sacrificing power and reliability. With mounting options for both traditional excavators and truck cranes, the AMC Series is able to load and unload materials while maintaining a compact overall footprint. In addition, the lightweight, self-contained design is hydraulically powered to eliminate fuel costs, emissions and noise, making it the perfect solution for work in urban areas.

The AMC 6 has a lift capacity of 13,200 lb (6 tonne) and comes standard with a pin adapter to mount on an excavator. The AMC 4 features a hydraulic quick change adapter for truck crane applications and has a lift capacity of 8,800 lb (4 tonne). Both models can accommodate single or double vacuum pad arrangements, depending on the material to be lifted. Integrated legs provide stability and protect the bottom of the pad(s) during storage; they rotate up and lock when the lifter is in use.

Vacuum lifting is a safer and more efficient alternative to traditional lifting methods such as anchors, hooks, slings and chains. Especially important in high traffic areas, 360° rotation and wireless remote operation provides precise placement of materials without the need for tag line operators on the ground. In addition, vacuum lifting will not damage delicate materials or bonded coatings, and it eliminates the need for costly cribbing or spacers.

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