New Tough Seal Engineered to Withstand the Toughest Jobsite Conditions

The new Tough Seal™ engineered by Vacuworx is formulated to withstand rugged jobsite conditions and extreme temperatures. The patent-pending pad seal was developed for use with Vacuworx Vacuum Lifting Systems to provide the ultimate safety and reliability. Tough Seal protects materials during handling with no metal contact and secures proper vacuum even on dirty and somewhat uneven surfaces. Plus the one-piece molded compound has improved tear strength and resists abrasions for 2 to 3 times longer performance life compared to alternative pad technologies.

Engineered stronger to be safer

Vacuworx Tough Seal features enhanced UV protection to reduce the damaging effects of sunlight, and is engineered to perform at temperatures of up to 215º F and as low as -40º F. Tough Seal is chemically and mechanically stronger than other pads available on the market for safer lifting on the job.

A 360° seamless outer skin acts as a tough repellent against destructive oils and moisture, especially in high-stress areas, increasing the life of the pad seal and allowing for up to 60% more lifts, compared with other products based on end user testing. In addition, Tough Seal has improved memory retention under a variety of rigorous working conditions.

Tough Seal is compatible with all Vacuworx Lifting Systems, as well as competitive vacuum lifting equipment brands. It is available in 50 ft and 10 ft lengths.

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