Able Tool and Equipment Taking Vacuworx Lifter to Max Potential in New England

Before expanding their fleet of Vacuworx systems, Able Tool first bought the Vacuworx PS/PHD Series—portable vacuum lifting systems engineered for handling smaller materials on both interior and exterior jobs. “We try to stay on leading edge of equipment and are always trying to find better solutions for our customers,” Bauer said…

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Material Handling, Precast

Building Better: Vacuum Lifting 7,000 lb Precast Concrete Balconies

According to the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute, precast concrete excels in strength, functionality, and durability. It provides the resiliency needed to meet the long-term demands of high-performance structures like parking garages, office buildings, hotels, apartment complexes,...

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Oil & Gas

Europe Report: Baltic Pipe Project

Energy pipelines are becoming more diverse, and so are the machines relied on by humans to help lift and handle large-diameter tubulars fabricated for the construction of new pipelines and natural gas transmission and distribution...

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