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VACUWORX is a pioneer, innovator, and global leader when it comes to vacuum lifting systems. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of vacuum lifting equipment in the world. Using Vacuworx lifting systems means increased worker safety, productivity, and an overall benefit to your bottom line

Meet our Global Executive Team.

Vacuworx is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the highest quality lifting systems to create safer, more efficient material handling environments worldwide by:

  • Consistently meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations for product quality and performance
  • Providing timely delivery to meet our customers’ requirements
  • Promoting continuous improvement of our processes and systems
  • Ensuring our employees are well-trained and empowered to make a positive impact on the organization

→  Build a reputation of trust, respect and commitment by consistently providing top quality, innovative solutions to the unique needs of our customers.

→  Invest energy and resources in the communities where we live and in the industries we serve.

→  Encourage innovative thinking in all phases of business and employee development.

→  Create an environment of educational growth for our employees and customers.

→  Promote safe practices and an atmosphere of precision and compliance.


Since 1999, Vacuworx has been engineering and manufacturing the highest quality, heavy-duty lifting equipment for a range of industries. The original line of Vacuworx vacuum lifting equipment was created in 1999, in Tulsa Oklahoma, and has expanded to become the innovative, global leader it is known as today.

Vacuworx now offers versatile material handling solutions on a global scale—touching multiple segments of the oil and gas pipeline construction, utility infrastructure, steel fabrication, precast concrete, civil construction, hardscape and quarry, and concrete renovation industries. Vacuworx has invested heavily in laying the groundwork for continued strategic expansion and diversification into emerging markets and geographies while championing the industries it serves.

We have an established sales and distribution network throughout Australia, Asia, North America, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

Eagle Gift Foundation is an important part of the Vacuworx core values — to invest energy and resources in the communities where we live. Started in 2009, Eagle Gift Foundation is an Oklahoma nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing assistance to local charitable organizations that promote educational programs, protect vulnerable children and adults, and lend a helping hand to those experiencing adversity.

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Vacuworx designs, manufactures, tests and rates vacuum lifters in accordance with global safety standards


Why vacuum lifting?

Benefits of vacuum lifting vs conventional methods

→  Eliminates the need for unsafe and time-consuming lifting mechanisms such as hooks, slings or chains

→  Less downtime between lifts

→  No need for employees to climb on trailers to attach slings or chains

→  Can lift material without displacing adjacent pieces

→  Creates a powerful positive engagement of the load (hooks, slings and chains can shift or come loose, endangering employees)

→  Reduces or eliminates need for tag line operators on the ground

→  Vacuum lifting systems are able to go where people should not be

→  Eliminates the need for costly cribbing or spacers for pipe or plate

→  Visual and audio alarms indicate unsafe lifting environments

Four Principal Compenents of Vacuum Lifting

Driven by a self-contained engine or hydraulically powered

by the host machine (electric models are also available)

Provides vacuum in the event of a power failure

Pipe, flat and specialty pads available

Easily interchangeable to lift different materials

Vacuworx is ISO Standard 9001:2015 certified for Quality Management Systems.
Vacuworx designs, manufactures, tests and rates vacuum lifters in accordance with the following safety standards:

→ ASME BTH-1-2020 for Design of Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices

→ ANSI/ASME standards section B30.20-2021 for Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices

→ AS 4991-2004 Standards (Australia) that apply to vacuum lifters

→ EN13155 European Standards that apply to vacuum lifters

→ European CE Machinery Directive

→ European CE Low Voltage Directive

→ European CE Electromagnetic Interference Directive

Maximum lifting capacity and working ratings are proven by actual load testing.


An Award Winning Approach to Safety

Qube collaborated with Vacuworx to develop the product, with the development earning the company the 2019 APGA Safety Award.
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Vacuworx is a leading provider of vacuum lifting technology for various industries, including Pipeline, Concrete, Water Utility, Precast, Landscape, and Manufacturing. Our products offer efficient and safe solutions for handling heavy materials, enabling workers to perform tasks with greater speed, accuracy, and safety.


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