The renewables industry is experiencing tremendous growth, driven by a focus on clean energy and sustainability. However, solar panel installation can be labor-intensive, with manual lifting posing a risk of worker strain and injury. The Vacuworx Solar Panel Lifter (SPL) addresses this challenge head-on.

The SPL eliminates the risk and fatigue associated with manual lifting, offering a safer and more efficient solution for on-site solar panel installation. This translates to a significant benefit for the renewables industry, promoting worker safety and well-being while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Key features of the SPL include reduced worker strain and injury, improved workflow through faster and easier module manipulation, and precise panel placement even on uneven terrain thanks to 360-degree rotation and 5 inches of vertical travel. Soft silicone vacuum pads ensure delicate panels remain damage-free, while foldable legs and alignment tips make the SPL compact, portable, and user-friendly. Additionally, the SPL is available for purchase globally through distributors, rental agencies, or directly from Vacuworx.

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