Specialty & Custom Vacuum Lifters

Vacuworx offers specialty lifters that are designed to provide solutions for unique material handling needs. Vacuworx can create custom solutions for individual material handling projects, and their team of engineers work with customers to design and build a lifting system tailored to specific needs. This allows customers to maximize their efficiency, safety, and profitability while minimizing downtime, labor costs, and equipment damage. Whether it is for precast concrete, metal plates, or any other unique material handling needs, Vacuworx can provide a customized solution to meet the project’s specific requirements.


Where we work

Vacuworx is a leading provider of vacuum lifting equipment, founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company was established with the goal of improving safety and productivity, originally in the oil & gas industries, by providing innovative vacuum lifting systems. 

Over the years, Vacuworx has continued to design, manufacture, and sell its equipment to job sites all over the world. The company is dedicated to continuously improving its products and developing new solutions to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Today, Vacuworx is recognized as a trusted provider of reliable and versatile vacuum lifting systems across the following industires:




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