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Vacuworx understands the rigorous demands of your jobsite. Downtime means lost revenue. That is why we are fully stocked with OEM-approved parts, equipment and 24/7 customer service — to keep your projects moving so you can get the job done faster, safer and smarter.

Tough Seal™

Vacuworx has engineered a pad seal formulated to withstand rugged jobsite conditions and extreme temperatures. Tough Seal™ protects materials with no metal contact and secures proper vacuum even on dirty and somewhat uneven surfaces. The patent pending one-piece molded compound has improved tear strength and resists abrasions for 2 to 3 times longer performance life compared to alternative pad technologies. New HLOK Tough Seal features a unique design that “locks” into the channel and allows easy verification of proper installation.

  • Enhanced UV protection reduces damaging effects of sunlight
  • 360° seamless outer skin resists abrasions and repels destructive oils and moisture
  • Increased seal memory performs better under a variety of rigorous conditions
  • Engineered to perform at temperatures up to 215°F and as low as -40°F
  • Chemically and mechanically stronger for safer lifting on the job
PT3000‑300 Tough Seal™, 50 ft (15.2 m)
PT3000‑600A 1” x 2” Tough Seal™, 10 ft (3 m)
PT3000‑700 HLOK Tough Seal™, 50 ft (15,2 m)
PT3000‑700A HLOK Tough Seal™, 10 ft (3 m)
Tough Seal™
Tough Seal™

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Filters & Kits

All filters are not created equal. Don’t run the risk of damaging expensive major components of your Vacuworx vacuum lifter by using “will fit” filters to perform important preventative maintenance service. Vacuworx OEM-approved filters are engineered and built to our exacting specifications to protect your investment.

7401‑010 PS Vacuum Filter Element
7401‑002 SL/CM Vacuum Filter Element
7104‑KIT MC 3 Filter Kit*
7106‑KIT MC 5 Filter Kit*
7101‑KIT RC Filter Kit (Yanmar engines)*
7103‑KIT RC Filter Kit (Hatz engines)*
7105‑KIT RC Filter Kit ((Kohler engines)*
7112‑KIT RC Filter Kit (Kubota engines)*

* Filter kits include engine air filter, inline fuel filter (Kohler engine only), fuel filter element, vacuum pump oil filter and 3 vacuum filter elements.