PS/PHD Series

VACUWORX PORTABLE VACUUM LIFTING SYSTEMS offer the perfect solution for smaller lifting challenges on the job or in the shop. Engineered for both interior and exterior applications, these battery powered lifters can go to work anywhere! The PS 1 can lift up to 1,700 lb (0.8 tonne). The new PHD features a twin pump design, remote control and a lift capacity of 2,500 lb (1.13 tonne).
  • Lightweight and completely portable
  • Powered by a 12 volt rechargeable battery
  • 8 hours approximate run time
  • Ideal for applications where no power source is available
  • Designed to lift concrete, marble, granite, metal, steel, iron and thick plastic materials*
  • 3 ft (0.9 m) maximum lifting height recommended (intended for material handling close to the ground)

*Contact Vacuworx if materials such as glass, aluminum or thin steel are to be handled

PS Series

PS 1

1,700 lb (0.8 tonne) lift capacity

L 14.25” (362 mm) x H 6.5” (165 mm) x W 11.5” (292 mm)

Weight 25 lb (11 kg)

Includes 8’ vacuum hose and choice of one standard pad (options below) with Tough Seal (mounting plate not included)


2,500 (1.3 tonne) lift capacity

L 19” (483 mm) x H 7.5” (191 mm) x W 14.5” (368 mm)

Weight 25 lb (11 kg)

Includes 10’ (3 m) vacuum hose, battery and battery charger (pad not included)

PS Series


PS0812 693 lb (314 kg) lift capacity
8” x 12” (203x305 mm) inner/12” x 16” (305x406 mm) outer
Weight 25 lb (11 kg)
PS1216 1,276 lb (579 kg) lift capacity
12” x 16” (305x406 mm) inner/16” x 20” (406x508 mm) outer
Weight 36 lb (16 kg)
PS1616 1,654 lb (750 kg) lift capacity
16” x 16” (406x406 mm) inner/20” x 20” (508x508 mm) outer
Weight 45 lb (20 kg)
PS Series

Parts & Accessories

PS1DLY PS 1 Lift Dolly
PT3000‑600A 1” x 2” Tough Seal™, 10 ft (3 m)
PT7110‑050 Shackle
PT7600‑008 PS 1 Battery
PT7418‑002A 8’ Vacuum Hose

*Material being lifted should not be more than 3 times the length and width of the pad. Additional pad sizes available upon request.