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VACUWORX is a pioneer, innovator, and global leader when it comes to vacuum lifting systems. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of vacuum lifting equipment in the world. Using Vacuworx lifting systems means increased worker safety, productivity, and an overall benefit to users bottom line.

We are always looking for new dealers to join our global network. You can view our map of dealers here

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The right product can help expand your market reach, differentiate your business, and increase your revenue. Vacuworx equipment offers benefits that help grow your business and provide a fast return on your investment.

→ New application opportunities for your existing equipment
→ Easy attachment to equipment already in your fleet
→ Attractive rental and sell through rates
→ Rent or sell attachments on their own, or as a package solution for your customer
→ Low cost of ownership with minimal maintenance required

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Vacuworx designs, manufactures, tests and rates vacuum lifters in accordance with global safety standards