Heavy Duty Vacuum Lifters

Our flagship range, the RC Series Vacuum Lifting Systems, are designed to handle materials ranging from 22,000 to 55,000 lb (10 to 25 tonne) in conjunction with larger-capacity host carriers. They are best suited for large diameter energy and infrastructure projects, as well as material handling at port facilities, pipe mills, and storage yards.

The RC series lifters are fully self-contained units powered by diesel engines, and they can be hooked up and ready to go in just a few minutes. Alternatively, the “H” models operate using the hydraulic system of the host machine to eliminate fuel costs, emissions, and noise.

These heavy-duty lifters come equipped with wireless remote transmitters with remote start and meet Tier 4 emissions standards. They also feature 360° rotation for precise material placement, and will not damage delicate materials or bonded coatings. The vacuum technology eliminates the need for costly cribbing or spacers for pipe and plate, and the double set of lugs accommodates any single or double vacuum pad arrangement.

Larger sizes are also available upon request.

In addition to our RC Series, we have a range of other Speciality Lifters with heavy-duty lifting capacity.


Where we work

Vacuworx is a leading provider of vacuum lifting equipment, founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company was established with the goal of improving safety and productivity, originally in the oil & gas industries, by providing innovative vacuum lifting systems. 

Over the years, Vacuworx has continued to design, manufacture, and sell its equipment to job sites all over the world. The company is dedicated to continuously improving its products and developing new solutions to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Today, Vacuworx is recognized as a trusted provider of reliable and versatile vacuum lifting systems across the following industires:




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