An Award-Winning, Results-Focused Approach to Pipe Handling

In a collaborative effort, Qube and Vacuworx® evolved current technology, culminating in the creation of a large-scale multi-lift vacuum unit. This innovation aims to minimize the potential risks associated with pipe handling during vessel discharging and within storage areas.

This achievement was recognized with the APGA Safety Award.

Handling coated pipes has always presented hazards both for personnel and the pipe itself. This project commissioned by long-term customer, Qube, provided an innovative approach to ensure the process was conducted without human presence in close proximity, resulting in a faster and safer operation.

This advanced multi-lifter operates remotely via wireless tech, eliminating traditional requirements like hooks, slings, chains, or ground operators. As a result, personnel safety is substantially enhanced. Furthermore, the design ensures delicate materials and bonded coatings on pipes remain undamaged.

By eliminating the conventional hooks and slings and maintaining safe distances, the technology promises quicker lift cycles and minimal downtime. An integrated air-sensing mechanism identifies the presence of a pipe beneath the pad, allowing lifting even without a full load. Notably, the chances of damage from dropped hooks or impact are significantly reduced. Plus, clear pipe ends mean the bevelled edges, crucial for safety, are less prone to damage.


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