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New Look: Inspections Vs. Factory Rebuilds – Vacuworx Lifting Systems 

An overhaul of an RC 16 lifter owned by long-time Vacuworx customer Dun Transportation reveals what we can do to deliver like-new vacuum lifting system performance, at a fraction of the cost. 

Superusers of Vacuworx Lifting Systems tend to invest in multiple units to operate most effectively amid numerous projects and job sites. From projects large to small, it’s a faster, safer and more efficient solution for keeping people out of places they don’t need to be while handling pipe lengths, steel plates, concrete and many other bulky or heavy items. 

Customer-owned equipment that is in rough condition, or not operating in a 100 percent safe and productive manner, can be directed back to Vacuworx. The advantage being our comprehensive maintenance, refurbishment, repairs, and before-and-after-the-sale capabilities. 

From fast access to the Vacuworx Quick Start Guides covering jobsite preparation, machine operation, lifting a load, shutdown, storage, more – to our Service Programs dedicated to ensuring the absolute minimization of downtime – we have one primary area of concern. 

And that is our dedication, which starts and continues with always making sure your Vacuworx equipment can continue operating safely and efficiently in all working environments and field conditions.  

Elevating Safety, Efficiency and Productivity Worldwide

Some customers may not be aware that Vacuworx offers periodic inspections of equipment, either in-house or on your site, with our service and technical support being available 24/7/365 for installation, training, repairs and troubleshooting. The whole shebang!

Service Programs

Customers approach us to perform inspections on used vacuum lifting equipment that’s gotten behind on maintenance, failed to be adequately maintained, or is nearing the end of its original usable lifespan. 

Our service department and programs are second to none in terms of materials and workmanship. We offer flexible options to complete the inspections process, in-house and on customer sites. 

Vacuworx is committed to meeting all your parts and service needs. 

Inspection Process

Our process for in-house and on-site inspections are the same. We go through the equipment, checking operations and safety functions, handling any preventative maintenance that is requested and desired. We go as far as splitting the lifter’s baseplate and checking seals, as well as putting the hydraulic rotator through its paces on a test stand or using the host machine.

Vacuworx inspects the body of the lifter, noting if fabrication repairs are needed. Depending on the lifter’s age and condition, an estimate for sandblasting and powder coating is typically provided. 

Repair Process

After repairs are quoted and sent to a customer for approval, our team answers any questions or addresses any concerns. Once work is approved to begin, your lifter is torn down and sent to be fabricated by Vacuworx’s professional engineers, as well sandblasting and powder coating, if needed. 

Throughout the process, we keep the customer 100 percent up to date, making them aware of any additional parts or labor, if required, throughout the entire service, repair or refurbishment process. Any actual fabrication repairs of Vacuworx equipment are completed only at Vacuworx – our Tulsa location. 

Field Inspection Program 

When you need to be sure your Vacuworx lifting system is operating properly, our Authorized Field Service Technicians are available to do a detailed inspection on-site, wherever the lifting equipment is located. 

The field inspection is designed to make sure all components are consistent with factory standards, determine if any repairs are needed, and evaluate the overall functionality of the system. Once the inspection is passed, the lifter will be tagged with a sticker noting the date of service and the name of the technician. 

Inspection Vs. Certified Rebuild

We understand your business depends on having not only the right equipment, but the right high level of operating capability, expectations for timely service, and the integral performance that our customers have come to expect from us. 

Inspection is a process for checking function and safety – ensuring your machines are “fit for use.” As part of our Factory Certified Machine Rebuild Program, we go through and update nearly every component and finish, going through the entire lifter! 

A factory rebuild extends the life of the lifters you already have working for you, and ensures you are made aware of the latest product improvements. From our evaluation of your used equipment to engineering updates, powertrain tests, paint, decals, warranty information and more. 

Our website has information about how we deliver like-new performance for a fraction of the cost of a comparable new machine. This includes installation of a new belt drive, the 360° hydraulic rotator, and adapter, in addition to inspecting welds, blasting and coating. 

Partnering for Your Success

On-site inspections can be convenient for Vacuworx users – customers pay for travel charges to their site, and any charges incurred, per diem. In terms of our in-house program, the customer covers freight charges for equipment to be shipped to us for inspection. 

After fabrication, when working in-house, a pull test – a stress test – can be performed as needed, including on lifters that may have never had a pull test done before. Here, our technicians can test everything to 125 percent of its rated capacity. 

Vacuworx’s commitment to safety won’t be undone. 

Presenting Like-new Capabilities

Long-time Vacuworx customers – such as Dun Transportation & Stringing Inc. – place high value on safety, productivity and throughput. 

For Dun, smooth running is never just optional. That means doing everything possible to ensure no unwarranted downtime due to a lack of preventative maintenance, periodic inspections, or repairs or reconditioning, as necessary or when desired. 

New before-and-after images taken at our yard in Tulsa reveal the polished look, feel and performance of a Dun Transportation-owned Vacuworx RC Series lifter after a recent in-house factory inspection and refurbishment.

Before refurbishment

At Vacuworx, our lifters are manufactured USA tough—designed and engineered as the ultimate material handling device that is compatible with an array of host equipment and used in multiple industries. We are creating real-world solutions for our customers. This is our focus now and into the future. 

We work with customers in a way that makes it easy for them to see we are a partner. 

Keeping the Lights On

In addition to new equipment, Vacuworx offers an array of used lifters and pads for sale, offering superior value at various price points. Sometimes, customers purchase a used lifter from a third-party or at auction – or after years of hard use and productive duty cycles – coming to us for a safety check, performance boost, like new aesthetic, and greater peace of mind. 

You may not be in the market for an inspection, OEM-approved part, repair or factory certified refurbishment of your lifting equipment right now. But you can always depend on Vacuworx to be here – the right sales, service department and support staff readily available to ensure all your needs can be met, right away. 

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