Launch of New Vacuworx Solar Panel Lifter Leading to Easier Handling of Modules In-Field

Already being shipped in the US and internationally, the Vacuworx Solar Panel Lifter (SPL) was designed and launched as a definitive solution for always having the right attachment to assist by reducing strain on workers handling delicate modules in the field. 

TULSA, OKLAHOMA – Nov. 30, 2023 – Vacuworx, a global leader in vacuum lifting technology, announced the launch of a new material handling innovation eliminating the need for manual lifting of solar panel modules in the field. 

For 25 years, Vacuworx has been designing and manufacturing industry and application-specific vacuum lifting systems and material handling devices to meet customer needs. The Solar Panel Lifter (SPL) is perfectly suited to operate in conjunction with mini excavators, efficiently supplied by a 12V system powered by the excavator’s charging system. 

The SPL offers captured ball joint vacuum pad connections, quick change adapters available for use with various host equipment, and a 300 lb standard lift capacity. It was conceptualized and precision engineered to allow for easier manipulation of delicate solar panel modules – safely, gently, and more efficiently handling them with less strain on workers.

The advantage of the SPL and its proprietary technology is safety and efficiency, with soft silicone vacuum pads preventing any damage to solar panel modules, 360° of rotation to facilitate precise handling and alignment, and 5 inches of vertical vacuum pad travel for additional protection if a module becomes misaligned. They alleviate fatigue and the potential for additional strain by mitigating any need for workers to have to carry solar panels or lift them over their heads, also reducing wind gust concerns. 

Vacuworx was initially approached by and collaborated closely with a large, end-to-end EPC solar contractor who was seeking an alternative to manually lifting and maneuvering solar panel modules, which is more time-consuming, as well as labor-intensive, and requires more repetitive motions. 

“The company we made this product for approached us for safety reasons, so they wouldn’t have to carry the solar panels,” said Justin Hendricks, Vice President of Operations and Engineering, Vacuworx. “Safety, efficiency and speed. It was developed around their needs.” 

Vacuworx hangs its hat on vacuum lifting ingenuity, advanced engineering and manufacturing, and their customer service and support capabilities. They set the standard for a highly trained workforce and controlled quality management processes, including ISO 9001:2015 certification, as well as lifters designed, manufactured, tested, and rated in accordance with numerous safety standards for “below the hook” devices. 

“We saw a need to get people out of situations they shouldn’t be in and create safe lifting systems,” said Bill Solomon, President, Vacuworx. “The math and science behind using vacuum makes our systems a powerful answer. We address safety in ways so many companies now add to their mission and vision.”

With the SPL, fewer laborers are required to complete the same task. Less downtime between lifts is promoted with greater efficiency all around. Users of the compact and portable SPL have already been finding additional benefits in features such as foldable legs for storage and alignment tips to keep cups parallel to the panel during difficult terrain situations.

Available globally via Vacuworx’s qualified network of equipment dealers and rental agencies, as well as directly through the manufacturer, it is the perfect companion for contractors involved with in-field solar panel module handling tasks and installation projects, anywhere in the world. 

About Vacuworx 

Vacuworx is a leading provider of reliable, versatile vacuum lifting equipment and solutions for a number of different industries worldwide. We design, manufacture, and sell innovative equipment that enables workers on job sites to lift and maneuver heavy, bulky, or awkward materials, and perform repetitive handling tasks such as solar panels, manufacturing processes, and more – safely and efficiently. We are dedicated to continuously developing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers and improving safety and productivity in the industries we serve. 

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