Vacuworx Introduces Smarter Portable Lifter

It’s been said that big things come in small packages. The next generation of battery powered lifters from Vacuworx really puts that theory to the test! The new PHD Portable Vacuum Lifting System weighs just 25 lb (11 kg), yet it generates enough power to lift up to 2,500 lb (1.13 tonne). With smart features like a remote control, lithium battery and twin pump design, the PHD is ready to prove how it can help contractors work faster, safer and smarter!


Remote Control

Our customers asked and we listened. One of the most common requests we received from the popular PS 1 Portable Vacuum Lifting System was to incorporate a remote control so that the operator doesn’t have to be right next to the unit to lift and release. In addition, the remote allows the PHD to be used in more applications and on more host machines.


Lithium Battery

The PHD is equipped with a 12V 30 amp/hour rechargeable LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery which is designed to provide longer run time and overall longer battery life. The lithium battery is significantly lighter than traditional lead acid batteries, so you don’t have extra weight to carry around.


Twin Pump Design

The PHD features two dual-stage vacuum pumps to build vacuum faster. The system is engineered to draw less power from the battery, while providing a stronger vacuum than single stage pumps. In addition, the PHD releases vacuum more efficiently to increase productivity.


Additional Features

The PHD is designed to absorb vibration from the pump for quiet operation. An inline filter protects the system from dust and debris; the filter element is easy to replace when it becomes clogged or dirty, which prevents damage to the system. Hoses have quick connections to both the unit and the pads, and the PHD is equipped with visible and audible alarms for safety.


Mounting Options

Vacuworx offers mounting assemblies to facilitate the use of the PHD on mini skid steers, mini excavators, forklifts, small cranes and demolition robots.


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