Concrete, Construction, Landscaping

The Ultimate Skid Steer Attachment

With job sites today proving to be more and more demanding, efficiency and safety are paramount. Skid steers offer incredible versatility, and when paired with the right attachment can be a powerful combination to tackle...

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Oil & Gas, Pipeline, Safety

Vacuum Lifting: A Safer Option for Material Handling

Material handling is an essential part of many industries, including oil and gas pipelines, concrete, water utility, precast, landscape, mining, manufacturing, and more. However, it can be a dangerous task that poses a significant risk...

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Maximizing Your Vacuworx Investment

New Look: Inspections Vs. Factory Rebuilds – Vacuworx Lifting Systems  An overhaul of an RC 16 lifter owned by long-time Vacuworx customer Dun Transportation reveals what we can do to deliver like-new vacuum lifting system...

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Company News

Vacuworx PHD Named a Top 50 New Product For 2021

The Vacuworx PHD Series portable vacuum lifting system was named a Top 50 product in 2021, by Equipment Today, a leading equipment magazine serving commercial construction contractors. PHD Series lifters are lightweight and completely portable...

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Investing in Safety

Handling heavy and bulky materials is often associated with elevated risks of falling from heights and being struck or crushed by objects. To mitigate possible incidents, many companies maintain safety programs that emphasize job specific...

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Company News

Vacuworx Introduces Online Training Program

The Vacuworx commitment to safety does not end with product development. Recognizing that implementing and enforcing safety protocols can sometimes be quite difficult, especially amid rising costs of doing business, Vacuworx has introduced an industry-leading...

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